Chariot Carriers Bicycle Hitch Kit Recall

Chariot Carriers bicycle hitch kit recall

Chariot Carriers has issued a voluntary recall of its bicycle hitch kit that's used on certain models of its carriers.

There is a possibility that when Chariot carriers with the recalled hitch are used as a bicycle trailer, in extremely rare and specific circumstances, the Hitch Arm and/or Chariot's VersaWing 2.0 (see image) could crack and/or break and that could cause the trailer to detach from the bicycle. 

If you have a Chariot carrier with the recalled bicycle hitch kit identified below, stop using it immediately and ask us for more information or contact Chariot Carriers to obtain a free retro fit upgrade kit at 800-262-8651 or

The recalled Chariot carrier would have been purchased between October 2002 and September 2011 and includes the following models and serial numbers:
Chariot Carriers bicycle hitch kit recall